Rod Seager

Έγινε μέλος στις: Σεπ 11, 2022 Τελευταία δραστηριότητα στις: Νοε 29, 2023 iNaturalist Australia

I am very much the amateur naturalist. My love is Australian native Orchids and I get a great thrill out of seeing one in real life I've never seen before. Having said that, I'm happy to take pictures of anything else "shiny" that doesn't hop, jump, crawl or fly away too fast. I use a little "point and shoot" digital camera and take a shot with my mobile for GPS (which I check when uploading - it's not as accurate as one may think!). Given that oft times I have no idea of what , exactly, I have taken a photograph of, I take multiple photos of my observation and then only upload those I'd like to see if I was trying to identify what it was 🤔

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