Luis Alejandro Rodriguez J.

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Luis Alejandro Rodriguez J. Young Venezuelan, natural of the city of Caracas, creates the Web site as a form to contribute with the spreading of the Biology and conservation of the Venezuelan serpents. As admiring born and studious empiricist of the serpents and conscious of the little trustworthy sources of intelligence available for I generally publish Venezuelan and others around the world, perceives the necessity to begin a project, beside the point challenging for a self-taught person. Following such motivation, from year 2003 it initiates the untiring work at any moment to compile the best quality of information taking care of to consult recognized personalities of the national academic world like professors Abdem R. Lancini V (RIP), its first tutor, Marco Natera (UNERG), Enrique the Marca (ULA) and the herpetologist Luis Fernando Navarrete (UCV) in the area of the Biology of the serpents and biologist J.C. Lopez-Johnston (LUZ / UCV, Venezuela and NTRC/TAMUK, the USA) in the area of venomous of the serpents and the epidemiología of the ofídico envenenamiento. In addition there is counted with advisers of international level like Jonnathan A. Campbell (ATU) and Janis Roze (ANM) among others. The main objective of its search has been to document and to photograph the greater amount of species of serpents of the country, work that still, after more than four years of investigation, is work to do since it has left many of the species that have not photographed nor described. Besides the interest by the search of the suitable bibliographical information more, its personal interest is to not only obtain that its Web site contains an extensive unpublished photographic collection, like scientific document, but like element of esthetic beauty, since the photography has happened to comprise its passion by the serpents. At the moment, has received the deserved recognition to be mentioned like reference in an increasing number of herpetológics vestibules of interest and printed publications to national and international level, which ratifies the quality and credibility of the material presented/displayed by the author. I'm a photograph entuciastic, i live in Venezuela and i mostly do Macro photography Actually i'm working with a Nikon D300 and a 105 Nikkor and i work with snakes and reptiles, i use all my photograph for my website i hope you check it out and leave me your comments thank's. Most of my photos are snakes cause i work on my website with this photos, i think the most interesting thing about photograph an animal is that you cannot tell them how to pose you just capture the time and if you didn't you have to try againg so this it's a matter of patience that normally people don't have so i think i've been blessed in that way. i wait for the right moment and i place it in this material that for me it's a form of art and admiration for the animals. I hope you enjoy my work as i do...

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