Jordan Pawley

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I am an experienced Safety Coordinator / Risk Manager and medic. With 10+yrs experience as a firefighter/ AEMT. With endorsements in remote Medics and MCPIC. As well as a multitude of other certifications and experience. Including an industrial health certification. (from Amphibious medics) Extensive knowledge of NFPA, and OSHA codes and regulations. Including an OSHA construction certification (OSHA 30). Currently working for Icicle Seafoods, out of Seattle.  This role has me operating as the Safety Manager and Remote AEMT (medical provider, AEMT, with endorsements in clinical care and remote medicine). This role puts me in remote locations and on ships for 6 months out of the year. I also have an OSHA 511 certification. Including an OSHA 501 trainer for General Industry. Have been trained and certified to administer drug testing for the coast guard and DOT. 

 I have been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life, hiking, camping, biking, horseback. Pretty much anything outside.  I have a perfect driving record, have never been in an accident. I have experience driving trucks, equipment, tractors, semis, large truck and trailer combinations. I also love to travel; I have a clean passport. Having traveled through Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Patagonia. The trip through Patagonia was Via motorcycle, November of 2018. My passion being remote medicine. 

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