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Hi there, I am a H-course uni student, nature-lover and amateur horticulturist with a passion for citizen science.

I am very much a plant lover, so that tends to be the focus of my photography, though I try to document everything that I can when out and about.

I am pretty well versed with plants of NSW particuarly along the coast and on the southern tablelands. Though there is plenty more that I don't know, all tips are much appreciated!

For IDs I am currently sorting through all plant sighting from the ACT that need IDs.

I have a particular fascination with the high altitude flora in Namadgi National Park, and this passion, coupled with a love for mountaineering has taken me to some incredible places (Mt Bimberi, Mt Namadgi & and the Sentry box to name a few). My current mission is climing and surveying every peak in the ACT over 1700m. If this is something that you are interested in generally, or you would be interested in joining me for a rare alpine wildflower walk to the sentry box later this year please get in contact!

I am a Canberra orchid society member, and grow a decent variety of pterostylis species.

In my other life, I am an orchestral Bass Trombonist and have played with various groups including the current Australian Youth Orchestra, you may have heard me play if you listen to classic fm.

Profile Pic: Leptospermum Namadgiensis (Favourite alpine plant species).

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