Dr. Fabio Mao Valletta

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I'm Dr. Fabio Mao Valletta , degreed as naturalist in FedericoII university of Napoles.
I like to enjoy and live within nature, mostly as passionate observer. I'm skilled in field missions, explorations, ecology, biodiversity, ethnobotany, hemp, apllied mycology and wild mushrooms around mediterranean area.
I'm on linkedin and sometimes I divulge as "NaturalMao" through and you tube channel (https://youtu.be/EXenHwH_TF8) linkedin and instagram .
I'm building up a project about chorology (maping distribution) of wild psilocybin mushrooms around the world (at the moment I'm studying expecially around the mediterranean area). psilocybin fungi are an as yet little-studied resource for mankind. they are potentially species also associated with areas of some anthropogenic disturbance. Moreover, outdoor species have been cultivated around the world for more than 20 years, so their distribution and phenotypic characterisation could be even more extensive than we now know. Further studies on biogeography and chemical qualities are needed. i can help identify wild species distributed around the mediterranean and provide samples to develop possible peer publications. If do you have samples and materials of psicotropic mushrooms to check you can contact me and we can try to identify. I like the idea to be involved in more investigatons with more passionates and professionals and to contribute at projects about nature coevolutions. So all contributions are welcome.
Mush love to everybody

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