Millie Basden

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I have lived in San Diego, California, since 1979. I have been a volunteer trail guide at Mission Trails Regional Park since 2001 and a Certified California Naturalist since 2016. I have been interested in and studied the natural history of California for many years. Although much of my study has been informal, I have taken courses in ornithology and botany through various institutions. I spend much of my free time birding, mostly in San Diego County, and along the way stop to study plants and whatever else we find along the trail. Since retiring from the practice of law in 2015, I have been spending a few hours each week in the botany department at the San Diego Natural History Museum helping process plant specimens for the herbarium. I have also served as a "parabotanist" for the museum's Plant Atlas Project since 2004.

Some of the resources I find helpful when creating and identifying observations:
PLANTS: (iNat Photo Guide for Plants is under "Misc Info" tab) (Checklist of San Diego Plants)
Checklist of Vascular Plants of Mission Trails Regional Park (Desert wildflowers) (Eucalyptae) (Grasses)
San Diego County Mammal Atlas (sold in SDNHM Gift Shop)
MOLLUSKS: (Susan Hewitt's photo guidelines)
INSECTS: (Diptera) (Ambush Bugs)
GENERAL: (Natural History of Orange County) (ID Tips) (has link to "Quick Guide" pdf) (ID Quality Study) (Search URLs on iNat)

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