Melanie Hollenshead

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I am a Texas Master Naturalist. with the Cradle of Texas Chapter. Our Chapter is in Brazoria County, just below Houston, Tx.

I am the 2023 Intern Training Director. If you are interested in becoming a Texas Master Naturalist, please contact me.

I have attended advanced classes in Entomology and Water Issues. And I have educated myself with the help of the American Arachnological Society and Dr. Paula Cushing on Spiders!

I have started a "Comprehensive Survey of the Spiders of Brazoria County, Texas". Some of our work has spilled over into other counties such as Neuces and Kenedy Counties.

Fortunately, I have other trained and dedicated Master Naturalists doing a LOT of field work, photography, descriptions and identifications of our 8-legges friends. I am very thankful for the hard work by Amanda Gabehart and others in our chapter as well as the public. Without their contributions, this project would not be where it is today.

As the weather warms. we plan to start public Spider Walks, Night Hunts and presentations. We are dedicated to showing people the importance of these beautiful and perfectly designed predators of insects.

If you are interested in Spiders and would like to join us for informal talks or walks, please let me know. I am also available virtually to present "Basic Spider Biology" and "Spider Behavior: Why They Do What They Do!".

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