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I live in Edinburgh and know the British flora well but last 3 years have been also a lot in Antalya city where I have additionally noted probably about 1500 plant taxa and many more further around in Turkey.
I'm planning to create various botany PDF guides to both countries which the observations on this profile will become linked to.

  • Feel free to tag me with any plants I may be able to help with or to ask about why I identified something a certain way.
  • I will probably ID and Upload more plants in the more relaxed seasons (autumn & winter) so if you're hoping someone will help with your Antalya plant ID (particularly below 1000 m) I'm likely to add some comments at that time, and if you're looking at what might be around near Antalya city, have a regular visit of my uploads during that period.
  • Whilst I'm focussed on my task with plants I personally enjoy photographing all things in nature that pass me by hoping someone might know them, which are posted for people to ID on the profile unrelated to my botany work, which is meteorquake2 at https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?user_id=meteorquake2&verifiable=any

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