Matteo Conti

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MSc student in Biodiversity and Evolution at the University of Milan (UNIMI) with a bachelor's degree in Biology.

I grew up in the mountains, and mountains are the only place I feel I can call "home", so I want to devote my time to studying alpine ecosystems and try to understand how and where it is best to intervene to ensure their preservation in terms of biodiversity and stability.
Mountain environments are among the most impacted by climate change and therefore need special attention.
I am interested in studying alpine ecosystems on a broad ecological scale; in particular, I would like to gain insight into the biotic interactions among plant and animal species that make up the complex network on which these environments rely.
I am currently pursuing my master's thesis project, the aim of which is to assess and predict the impact of glacier retreat on biodiversity. I am focusing on plant-pollinator interactions to try to understand how the network changes along the primary succession of the Mont Miné/Ferpècle glacier foreland in the Vallon de Ferpècle, Switzerland. My goal is to understand how plant-pollinator interactions change over space and time, trying to find patterns that ensure ecosystem stability.

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