Laurel Hill Cemetery and Arboretum

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Laurel Hill Cemetery & Arboretum is historic a place of peace as well as home to an extensive and ever-expanding living collection totaling around 268 acres between its Philadelphia and Bala Cynwyd properties. With a diverse variety of habitats to observe in, we welcome visitors to contribute to our understanding of the biodiversity on our premises. Limitations do exist in our unique case, as with other arboreta documenting biodiversity in a heavily managed landscape. Our green burial areas are managed in a few different ways, but all feature design that relies heavily on native plants, albeit in combinations that might not occur naturally in unmolested, unmanaged habitats.

The Laurel Hill Arboretum staff invite you to join us in celebrating our little corner of Montgomery County and the Philadelphia Area's green space. Our mission, as we expand our living collections and native plant green burial areas is to inform our stewardship with a keener understanding of what plants, fungi and wildlife call our grounds home. Many hands make light work. Happy hunting!

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