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I'm an older person who since retiring has been able to indulge in my interest in the natural world. I spend as much time as I can out in nature with a camera in my hand. My main interests are birds and wildflowers but anything 'natural' gets my attention. I am a member of Bird Studies Canada, have participated in Project Feederwatch for over 20 years and am the volunteer caretaker for Important Bird Area, I.B.C. B.C.033 which is the Harrison/Chehalis Estuary in B.C. - an area I am fortunate to live adjacent to. I have been doing a blog on this area for many years. I also moderate the Facebook Group 'Wildflower's of Western Canada'

In normal times we try to spend several months of every year traveling with our truck and camper throughout Western Canada, Yukon and the N.W.T.

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