James Todd McCann

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My name is James McCann (jtmac263263). I have had a life-long interest in all animals. It has only been a few years that I have had the opportunity to pursue it in a regular manner.
I am a volunteer photographer for the USFWS Balcones Canyonlands and a Texas Master Naturalist, Good Water Chapter, serving Williamson and surrounding counties in Texas.
My primary interest is insects. Secondary interest is bats, with all other living things following.
My observation and photo skills far outweigh my Identification skills.
My lack of any formal education in any related fields sends me to the internet for identification where I am further hampered by the sheer number of species that look almost identical. Any feedback and hints on my ID’s are welcome and appreciated.
One of the things I like about iNaturallist is no one comments on my lack of ability in a negative manner. So far, everyone has been positive and given me information which I try to apply. For me this is a better learning arena than a classroom.

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