John H. McDonald

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After 26 years as a biology professor at the University of Delaware, I've retired and moved to Bellingham, Washington. I've done research on mussel (Mytilus) systematics and genetic variation in amphipod crustaceans, among other things. I know a fair bit about species in the following genera, so if you have questions about any of them, contact me and I'll see if I can help: mussels (Mytilus); talitrid amphipods (Megalorchestia, Talorchestia, Traskorchestia, Platorchestia); oniscid isopods (Armadillidium, Oniscus, Philoscia, Porcellio, Trachelipus).

I'm planning some new research projects that will require collecting a number of species of amphipods, isopods, and insects from a variety of locations, and the observations of the iNaturalist community are turning out to be incredibly helpful; I'll be able to drive down the California coast this summer and go to a number of beaches where I can expect to find, say, Megalorchestia benedicti or Alloniscus perconvexus, without a lot of fruitless bumbling around.

I'm also an avid bicyclist and hiker, and I'll be making observations of whatever little critters catch my eye as I travel around the Northwest.

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