John Boback

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I first learned about Pan Species Listing (PSL) in 2013 when I stumbled upon a British website that featured a communal blog about a friendly competition to see who could find and ID the most species in a 1 kilometer square. I quickly became hooked on the concept of PSL. Basically, PSL involves seeking out, documenting and keeping lists of all taxa, not just the popular things like birds, plants, moths and dragonflies. So now as a Pan Species Lister, I keep track of everything! Lichens, spiders, slime molds and moss are equally important as birds and butterflies when you embrace Pan Species Listing! And it just so happens that iNaturalist provides a wonderful way to not only maintain your various lists, but it also makes your observations available to scientists and conservationists. And if you’re competitive-minded, iNat also allows you to see how you rank with other users.

I think it’s critically important to emphasize that in the end, regardless of how many species I may see in my life, my journey into the natural world is far more important to me than any arbitrary numerical destination. By journey, I am referring to the lessons that I learn, the places that I visit, the experiences that I have and the friendships that I make along the way. So in the end, it’s who I must become in order to achieve a particular PSL goal that is far more important than being the top lister in a county or state.

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