Janine Duffy, Echidna Walkabout / Koala Clancy Foundation

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I am co-owner of Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours and founder of Koala Clancy Foundation. I have been working with wild koalas for 29 years in the forests of south-eastern Australia. In 1998 I discovered a method of identifying them by their natural nose markings. I love all wildlife, with a particular interest in koalas, birds, mammals, reptiles, spiders and a growing interest in butterflies. I love plants too!

In 2015 I started not for profit charity Koala Clancy Foundation to work with local community to protect the wild koalas of the You Yangs & Brisbane Ranges, near Melbourne. We plant koala trees on private farmland to create new, quality koala habitat, and remove weeds in existing koala habitat.

My wildlife tour business, Echidna Walkabout is a social enterprise with a mission to ensure the future of Australian wildlife in the wild. Over 50% of our profits goes to fulfilling this mission.

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