Heather Bullock

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Nature-lover, avian ecologist, conservationist, and raptor researcher, I am here to learn and to help build our collective scientific knowledge. As the Lights Out Dallas Assistant Coordinator with Texas Conservation Alliance (https://tcatexas.org/lights-out-dfw), I am in charge of all data collected during bird-building collision monitoring surveys conducted in downtown Dallas each spring & fall, which is why an inordinate amount of my observations are of dead birds.

Raptors are my favorite group of birds to study, & most of my research has focused on American Kestrels. However, I also have in-depth knowledge of resident & migratory passerines that occur in north central Texas and a broad knowledge of grassland bird species found throughout the state.

Due to my curious nature, I love learning about organisms I'm unfamiliar with. I always enjoy a good bird ID challenge & am always on the lookout for other researchers to collaborate with. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any bird ID questions or if you're interested in collaborating!


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