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Έγινε μέλος στις: Δεκ 23, 2021 Τελευταία δραστηριότητα στις: Ιουλ 22, 2024 iNaturalist

Interested in all aspects of nature, I'm trying to get into herping (even though there aren't that many reptiles or amphibians near me and I don't know that much about them :)
Currently working on restoring a local park/woods because there is practically zero wildlife there.
My profile picture is of a common buckeye butterfly that I rescued (I also named her Jasmine) in December and she lived all the way until February.

Feel free to ask for more information about why I ID an observation as something, if I disagreed with an ID, or if you want more info about a certain observation of mine.
Tips and corrections are always welcome. Thank you to all the nature enthusiasts on Inat (and elsewhere) who are working to save the earth's wonderful species and habitats! :)

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