Doruk Ege Aksu

Έγινε μέλος στις: Ιουν 17, 2020 Τελευταία δραστηριότητα στις: Φεβ 05, 2023 iNaturalist

I'm just an enthusiast. I usually add generic ID's to unknown or higher-level observations in order to get them seen by more people. I also sometimes get help from the computer vision to lower the community taxon even though I may not be familiar with that taxon. So don't blindly follow my ID's. If you see an incorrect ID by me feel free to correct it. I'm always eager to learn more about them.

All my photos are licensed under CC-BY which means they can be used for any purpose if proper attribution is given. This allows platforms like GBIF and Wikipedia to be able to use your photos. Suggest you do the same.

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