Conor and Alexandra

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My wife and I are a naturalist team. We photograph anything that holds still for us, which turns out to be a lot of flowers and pollinators. We recently started using a 15x Xenvo macro lens that clips on the phone.

Helpful links:
Map to compare taxa, e.g. desert stink beetles:,565317,218969,427371,358858,790444,790494#5/38.64/-104.38

Plants seen in June around Prescott but not observed by us:

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Our observations of pollinators in Yavapai County:

Monarchs in AZ that have a nectar plant ID:

Observations in Yavapai county that need ID help to overcome maverick IDs:

Our Maverick IDs:

Our observations with inaccurate geopoints (more than 100km):

Comments by us and comments on our observations:

New taxa observed for the first time in a place:

Sorted observations by least observed:

Observations around the house:

Observations of cultivated species:

More info on the API:!/Identifications/get_identifications_recent_taxa

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