Sarah Wilson

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I have grown vegetables for over 10 years, and became interested in wild plants and foraging when I got involved with a local community garden in my former neighborhood of Rogers Park, Chicago. The Ruby Garden was unique in that it is well established and had many native plants in it, attracting all kinds of birds, butterflies, insects, and other wildlife. I saw how much biodiversity a small piece of land can support, even in a city environment.

My husband and I deepened our interest in nature during the COVID pandemic, when going for long walks in the woods was the best way to get out of the apartment, see something new and feel connected to the outside world. We started using the iNaturalist app and have learned so much about wildlife in the northeast US - first in Chicago and now back in my home state of Connecticut.

In addition to exploring the woods, I love taking pictures of city wildlife - in alleys, on curbs, and in my yard. My husband and I are now working on growing native plants and making our yard more wildlife-friendly.

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