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I just can’t help’s in my genes!
I’m compelled to look closer and ask questions.
I’m interested in bird’s, butterflies, insects, plants, rocks, fungi, lichens, moss, mushrooms, geology, erm...everything!
Photo documenting observations is something I have done from a young age with a particular fondness for macro photography.
I’m also a maker and an artist. The current passion is ecoprinting plant images on to fabric and creating dyes from nature. Lately I have been busy gathering autumn leaves and foraging for anything that could potentially produce dye. This searching is producing a lot more mushroom and fungi finds I’m not great at this dying thing yet and am an expert at producing brown 🤨
Looking forward to learning from you all and sharing our passion for nature.

PS my eldest daughter Sarah put me onto this site. Sarah is a budding entomologist and is in her first year at Lincoln. She is buggirl13

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