Chadley Beranek

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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Newcastle. My research focus is of the conservation and ecology of fauna, I am especially fond of small weird and unappreciated creatures, such as frogs, snakes, microbats. However, a lot of my research extends to community ecology, so I do enjoy learning about the plants, fungi, inverts and everything in between. Out of all the critters, frogs are my favourite and I have completed a PhD studying the restoration ecology of the green and golden bell frog 🐸 I am regularly conducting field work across Australia and I intend to iNaturalist as many organisms on my journeys as humanly possible in hopes that it will help collect data to further our knowledge. I am most often situated in Newcastle or south Sydney. Always looking for volunteers for field activities or other naturalists to do tandem nature frolicks with. Hit me up if you want to join in or have any questions.

Below are some links to get in contact with me and to view some of my academic outputs if they are of interest.
University profile:
eBird profile:

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