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-Hi, I'm Owen! I'm a young birder from Waterloo Ontario (Canada). I have always been interested in bugs but ever since covid-19 hit birding has become something that I deeply enjoy. My passion for bugs started when I found a eastern black swallowtail in my Families dill patch, I raised it and ever since then I have loved bugs (especially butterflies and moths) and I raise them every year. My love for birds started when I found some wood ducks in a pond near my neighborhood and all of a sudden I cared so much about birds! I'm not sure why seeing the wood ducks made me love birds but it could have been the little baby ducklings cuteness or the colorfulness of the male! When I got my Frist bird feeder in October of 2021 it was like having a live T.V. show of birds and I never got tired of watching them, weather it was a goldfinch or a chickadee, I loved it so! I do have a favorite bird and it is the American Redstart.

When I am not outside enjoying nature you can find me reading, watching T.V., playing board games, spending time with family, and sometimes doodling or drawing.
I got my frist camera on April 21, 2022 and I use it almost everyday. It is a Canon Rebel XT 70-210mm lens.

I mostly ID birds but I am really good with waterfowl and perching birds of North America. If I make a mistake when IDing please correct me, I will not be offended. Please feel free to ping me for anything to and I can see if I can help!

Profile picture: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/146780015

My eBird profile- https://ebird.org/profile/MjgzNzgxNg/CA-ON

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