Ashley Putzke

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I'm a prospective conservation and restoration major entering junior year of college, thinking about going for geomorphology as well. I spend much of my time learning through observation and investigation of the natural world around me, and I'm a big fan of anything natural science. I'll gladly share my extensive collection of rocks & minerals, feathers, bones, and other natural oddities like (fallen) nests and hives that I have accumulated in my travels of the PNW and the far north of CA.

Most of my experience is in mushrooms and birds, but I am trying to improve my knowledge and recognition of plants, insects, and mammals. Local marine organisms is another area I'd like to improve in. I'm particularly interested in the relationships between organisms and higher-level ecosystem function and how each species plays a role. Any non-fiction reading recommendations are always appreciated.

Participating in the PNW 2023 Bumble Bee Atlas!

My favorite mushroom ID resource: Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast (Not comprehensive, but it's really as close as it gets in one book)

My favorite bird ID resources: Merlin (app or website- I love the app)
National Audubon Society Birds of North America

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