Andrew St. Paul

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I like to ride bikes, walk the trail everyday, look at things, and sleep under the stars.

I am trying to learn the different classes and their orders, sub-orders, families, and more in order to identify my own observations better than just at "class" level or just assuming a "species" level. I try my best to research before hand (via online and paperbook) though I do need to obtain more informative resource guides. For example, I need to obtain individual guide books pertaining to a specific class of insects rather than just the current guide book I have which is "Insects of North America". So thank you to the iNat community for correcting any of my observations. It really helps.

All my photos are free to use. If you do use them just let me know what cool things you did with them. I grew up and currently live on the South Side of Chicago. I love all the natural areas within the Chicago Wilderness Region.

One current project of mine is to observe the nature at Wolfe Wildlife Refuge (a 45 acre site near Chicago):

Help Identify if you like here at: and feel free to message me if you are ever around the Oak Lawn and Palos Area. Sometimes its fun to iNat together.

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