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Enthralled by organisms in the Sonoran Desert~

Big on cactus feeding coreids and trying to find and grow various low desert plants (to attract more bugs).

Ask my reasoning for IDs if you're really curious, or check my journal posts to see if I've mentioned the subject before.

"Camera“ I use is my junk iPhone, as my camera is wonky and glitchy. All photos in situ unless otherwise shown.

I am Muslim, and believe in the inherent sentience and value of all plants and animals, which means that I don't kill unless it is non-native, actively harming me, medically significant (and needed for someone's research), or is suffering in a way that will only lead to death. I do NOT collect for the sake of collecting. I get sad thinking about killing animals just minding their own, because what right do I have to extinguish any harmless life from existance? They all want to live, and I want to let live, so it works out.

I'd be happy to aid anyone with any projects they're working on, so feel free to send me a message telling what exactally you're working on, a bit about yourself, and how exactaly I can help you out~

I speak English, une bonne quantité de français, 和我的中文还不错(我希望~)。我想跟中国的野生动物生物学家成为朋友,所以喜欢索诺兰动物的人应该跟我聊天~

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