André Balças

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When I started my bachelor in biology, in 2010, my professional and personal path consisted of participating in various projects dedicated to Nature Conservation, with a special focus on threatened species conservation, allowing me to gather experience as a science research assistant, field work technician, animal keeper and environmental awareness educator.

Over the last few years, my focus shifted to a more holistic approach to conservation, centered around ecology and ecosystem maintenance. Then I discovered the Rewilding Europe initiative and that novel concept of Rewilding. I was fascinated!

I want to practice Rewilding professionally, be a kind of technician of rewilding, apply the techniques and the science to really start the very urgent work of restoring ecological succession processes in the ecosystems

Currently looking to:

  • Work in Nature Conservation and Ecological restauration.
  • Develop my capabilities and experience in outdoors field work, acquire competences in soil and water engineering and Fire Ecology and management for the purposes of Ecological Restauration.
  • Explore new ways of financing Nature Conservation efforts and monetize ecosystem services
  • Engage in and contribute to creative processes, nature and community driven.

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