Travel Description: "This Amazon tributary is known for its many shallows and large variety of freshwater animals. Divers must be careful when swimming along its narrow channels, as its muddy waters cause poor visibility."
Notebook Description: "The Cortica River is a medium-sized river that flows eastward from its source in northeastern Brazil. It merges with the Amazon at longitude 53° west, which then empties into the Atlantic. Its location means that the Cortica River's ecosystem is very similar to that of the Amazon. Even in Brazil, where the rivers are being actively developed, there are parts of the river basin that have never been explored. There was a sensation when ancient ruins were discovered there two or three years ago."


Dive Description: "Local people consider this a holy place and treat it with reverence. The majestic waterfall acts like a protective barrier against intruders."
Notebook Description: "The Cortica River is stagnant and sedimented, but it gradually clears as you move upriver. There you can find Spirit Falls, whose impressive curtain of cascading water assures you it is no illusion. Although the water above the falls is murky, the water in the basin below is crystal clear. There is a local legend that says spirits live in the waterfall, ad that if you go fishing while they sing, you are guaranteed a great catch."