Wisconsin's Unofficial CNC

Hello fellow Wisconsinites! The City Nature Challenge is a bioblitz-style competition around the globe to find and document plants, fungi, wildlife, and pretty much anything wild. Unfortunately there is no official CNC in Wisconsin this year but we'll still be able to have an unofficial event and with help from mkkennedy our project will be included in the cold climate CNC umbrella project. The selected area for our CNC is going to be the Rock River Watershed in Wisconsin, starting in Horicon NWR and snaking it's way down to Janesville and Beloit near the IL border. Even if you're not in the selected region you can still help identify the observations or travel for a couple days visiting some of the bio-diverse areas of the Rock River watershed observing nature yourself. Here's a link to the project which shows a map of the selected region; https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/wisconsin-s-rock-river-watershed-unofficial-cnc
The dates for this year's CNC is Friday, April 24th through Monday, the 27th.
Thanks for taking a look at this and I hope Y'all can participate, every observation counts!

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Ha, of course it starts after I went down to see that Harlequin Duck in Madison! :)

Αναρτήθηκε από raymie σχεδόν 3 χρόνια πριν (Αναφορά)

Did you have any luck in seeing it? I've wanted to try for it but I've been way to busy to give it a shot.

Αναρτήθηκε από sam727 σχεδόν 3 χρόνια πριν (Αναφορά)

What would be the best way to include others?

Αναρτήθηκε από rayrob σχεδόν 3 χρόνια πριν (Αναφορά)

@sam727 Yes, I saw it. In fact, it was the first bird I saw after I got out of the car. I got views and photos (that I will get to uploading eventually). Plus there were some other cool waterfowl in the park as well (Bufflehead, Tundra Swan).

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@rayrob Letting people you know who have iNat about it by sending them the link to the project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/rock-river-watershed-madison-sun-prairie-janesville-johnson-creek-unofficial-cnc

or this post: https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/30409-wisconsin-s-unofficial-cnc#activity_comment_4001865

For people who don't have iNat you could introduce it to them by inviting them on a birding or nature walk and showing them the basics of iNat and mention the bioblitz during the CNC, or something along those lines :-). And people don't have to technically "join" the project, they just have to document and submit observations of what they saw in the selected area and during the CNC time frame (April 24th-27th). Hopefully at least some of that made sense but it's all really laid back so anything helps!

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@raymie Nice! I saw a big flock of flyover TUSW on Dec. 30th but none this year :-(

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