Why Confirm the ID When the Observation is Already Research Grade?

Several reasons:

  1. Confirmation by a specialist adds value.
  2. So far, I have found 43 plants misidentified as Sea Grape, Coccoloba uvifera: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?ident_taxon_id=127284&place_id=any&ident_user_id=20600&without_taxon_id=127284. That's almost one percent of all those I've reviewed. 510 plants misidentified as American Jumpseed, Persicaria virginiana: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?ident_taxon_id=144047&place_id=any&ident_user_id=20600&without_taxon_id=144047. That's 4.6 percent of the 11,000 I've reviewed.
  3. Of course, I have made a mistake or two myself, but I learn the genus better by seeing many observations.

The same reasons I add annotations confirming identifications on herbarium specimens for species I am familiar with. And in this case, the "annotation" doesn't even take up any real estate on the "specimen".

Posted on Μάιος 16, 2021 0107 ΠΜ by danielatha danielatha



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