Humane Micro Fish Photography

First, I'm not being paid to talk about this product. :-)

I learned about micro fish photo tanks from the Extreme Philly Fishing Youtube channel. It's a small 3x5 fish tank for holding small fish while you take identification photos. This allows this fish to breathe water, instead of flopping around gasping for breath, while you take all the time you need to photograph the specimen and look through your field guide. I think this is a great thing to use for other tiny aquatic critters like tadpoles.

More about the photo tank here:

Posted on Απρίλιος 15, 2018 0241 ΠΜ by cosmiccat cosmiccat


Thanks, @cosmiccat I ordered one this afternoon...
Not that I am an aquatic person... But something I might wish I had with me at a later date...
(Could be as useful as the petri dishes @sambiology introduced me to.)
I probably need to get a suitcase to carry all the things into the field I think I need for iNat observations!

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Haha! Crystal and I were just talking about this on Saturday -- glad you made the journal entry!


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