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I started photographing insects around 2007 with almost all of my observations being from the Cross Plains, WI area. I have around 3,000 insects identified to at least the Genus level thanks to the volunteers at BugGuide. I enjoy taking photos so this hobby provides a good opportunity to do so.

All but a handful of the observations I post are from the Cross Plains area. My preference is to photograph live insects and then release them.

Many of the older photos (~2008-2012 or so) were taken while on walks in once was a nearby conservancy area and along the Cross Plains section of the Ice Age Trail.

Moths - 900+ identified to species -- all but 2 or 3 from the Cross Plains area.

Coordinator for Wisconsin moth identifications on BAMONA.

I also post occasionally on Mushroom Observer. https://mushroomobserver.org/

Thanks in advance for all the identifications and verifications.

Woolcarderbee is my profile name as one of these bees was the inspiration for me to start photographing insects. Look forward to seeing them in the yard each year.

BugGuide Contributor

I've posted photos on Flickr but haven't for some time now. There are still some remnants left on the site.

Flickr -- https://www.flickr.com/photos/woolcarderbee/

I appreciate getting information about the use of any of my photos. In some cases I may have additional photos available upon request.

Photos are all Licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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