New Emerald Found in Victory

Mike Blust and Josh LIncoln had a plan hatched by a fellow naturalist. Hike deep into the forest to a bog in northeast Vermont and find a rare emerald dragonfly that had never been seen in Vermont. Read about their trials and tribulations that led to elation at discovering this beautiful insect for the Vermont Damselfly and Dragonfly Atlas on the VCE Blog - and see their record on iNaturalist Vermont at

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Victory Basin is a jewel and one with tons more biodiversity to be discovered if you're up for crawling over blowdowns and slogging through bogs. Sadly when I helped with the natural community inventory there back in 2012 my phone was broken most of that time so I didn't get as much iNat data as i sometimes do. However, there is now a neat natural community map created by myself and Bob Zaino, state parks ecologist. You can see it at - go to the Layers, Fish and Wildlife subheading, turn on Natural Communities on ANR Lands layer, zoom to Victory. There are also maps of other areas, though the ones for the Champion Lands and Groton were created with older technology and not as precise. The ones for Victory, Niquette Bay, Alburg Dunes , and portions of the Snake Mountain map were created at least in part using LIDAR elevation data which makes it easier to find small wetlands... many of which have very little data about them. So get out there and check it out! I have lots of data that isn't on iNat but most without photos, and buried in notebooks. When I can I share what I find on iNat so you all can see what's out there.

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