Menard County

The results:

The trip was successful in that I found 3 females at Tenmile Crossing and got good photos.
The trip was unsuccessful in that I found no males, and every other prospective location was either inaccessible, not quite the right habitat, or void of Pardosa. The last included Llano. Perhaps downstream from town I might have been more successful.
So, these do appear to be a different species from mercurials and similar to one observed on private property nearby. Although you'd never figure it from the scientific description, I'm pretty sure these are Pardosa vadosa, and I will be able to work out a functional description for live female spiders at least.

Why is the grasshopper link here? Pardosa are always found with pygmy grasshoppers. I suspect Algae, Paratettix, and Pardosa are part of a year round food chain. The only difference between the lapidicina group species and other Pardosa seems to be a strong preference for streams, rivers, and lakes over ponds and ditches.


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