November 1, 2021 Nature Walk

Hi all,

I am so glad that we got to spend some time today in our beautiful community greenspace right here in Queens! Last time we visited Oakland Lake, summer was not quite over. Today, however, is a bit cooler out. For today's discussion, I'd like you to share your nature observations with your peers. What do you notice? What changed since our last visit? What connections can you make to something we’ve discussed this semester? What connections can you make to something you’ve experienced?

Finally, share your photos with the class by clicking this link and uploading your fabulous pictures:

Someone was asking where the turtles go in the winter. I found these two articles for anyone who's interested:

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What I observed in our second nature walk was very similar to out first nature walk. Though what I saw that was different was the color of the leaves changed from green to yellow and orange and more leaves have fallen on the ground. I also seen more turtles then before and more and the water level in the stream we saw has risen. Its fascinating to see how certain things change based on the season.

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There were a few things that I noticed that were different from our last visit. I noticed that there were more ducks in the pond, the colors of the leaves changed, the water in the little river was higher, and the flowers were withering. I also feel like when we went the last time, there were more vibrant colors like pink, purple, yellow, but now the colors are obviously orange, red, and brown. A connection I can make to something we've discussed in class is that we read in one of the articles called "Oakland Lake, Queens" that the lake "receives water from a natural spring and a feeder stream" and when we were walking around the lake, we spoke about where the water came from and that the water is called "ground water."

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There were a couple things that I noticed during our second nature walk. One thing is that since we're are in autumn I noticed that the trees were starting to turn different colors. I also noticed more life on the surface on the lake, I saw more turtles, or swans, more ducks and more algae than I saw on the last nature walk. One connection I can make from our nature walk is during middle school I had a class trip to a park where we had to identify trees and leaves from different parts of the park ,which is somewhat similar to what we did on our nature walk.

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Our second nature walk was enchanting. I saw a few little critters wandering around out on our walk. Specifically a mute swan and some turtles. The turtles looked like they were just relaxing on a flat rock and the swans were just about their day. The biggest change I observed was the color of the leaves. Our last nature walk felt a bit summery and the leaves were still green. This weeks nature walk the leaves turned into an orangey-brown color. A connection I made was that the leaves reminded me of a leaf collage when I was younger, I picked out different colors of leaves to place together and laminated the collage to seal it. <3

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on the second nature walk you could really notice all the changes the park was going through as it went through fall preparing for winter where all the leaves fall off the trees and then there is snow. it was interesting see it happen. i saw a few animals there not as much as I saw when we first went on the nature walk which was pretty understandable and it was still nice to see them there.

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I was out of school when you guys when on the second nature walk. However, I went back to the lake a couple days after. I noticed that the color of the leafs changed a lot since our last visit. I also saw more swans. On our first nature walk I saw two and when I went back I saw four of them. Other then the color of the leafs and the weather nothing else had change which was pretty interesting to me.

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