Marine Nature and Plastic

In 1990 David Bellamy stated: Ninety Mile Beach, clean sand washed by purest sea and Parengarenga Harbour, ... possibly the purest and most unpolluted on the earth. Fast forward to 2019 and the map below shows the density of plastic within the moana that surrounds us. Each dot represents 20kg of plastic and the whiter the area the more dense the plastic is.


Last year's reports stated NZ oceans are the most dangerous in the world for seabirds eating plastic waste and Oriental Bay has some of the world's worst plastic pollution.

The aim of this project is to photograph and document examples of how plastic affects the marine environment in New Zealand waters. We can see from the chart below the top 10 plastics that pollute the moana, yet our obs here already show that it is plastic from fishing, such and lines and bouys that do the most damage that we have photographed and documented so far. What observation of plastic affecting marine nature have you observed? Please add to the project page.


Posted on Σεπτέμβριος 06, 2019 0920 ΠΜ by tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


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