Calling All New York City Nature Lovers

We need your help to reach the top ten worldwide

New York City is currently number eleven in the World
Our New Jersey neighbor and part-time New York City team member, Sara Rall @srall is the number four identifier in the World
Sara Rall, Sandy Wolkenberg @sadawolk and Chris Kreussling @xris are the number one, two and three identifiers for NYC
Daniel Atha @danielatha is the top observer in the World
Daniel, Sara Rall and Kelly O'Donnell @klodonnell are the top three observers in NYC
The Bronx has the most observations in New York City
Manhattan has the most observers
Manhattan has the most species

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City Nature Challenge 2021: New York City Project page managed by Kelly O'Donnell at Macaulay Honors College
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Posted on Μάιος 01, 2021 1051 ΠΜ by danielatha danielatha


I've been busy today, @danielatha, may be (temporarily at least) giving you a run for your money...

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