1st International Congress of Near East Lepidoptera

An event for all lepidopterists with an interest in the West Asian Lepidoptera fauna

The First International Congress of Near East Lepidoptera will be held in Yerevan, Armenia on 15-18 June 2020.

Congress fee 50$ | Gala dinner 20$ | Field trip and excursion 30$

The deadline for submitting the abstracts is 20 February 2020.
You can send the abstract by e-mail to nzarikian@gmail.com. The registration form will be sent by e-mail after receiving the abstract. https://www.yumpu.com/xx/document/view/62900573/abstracttemplate

More info and updates on the Congress' Facebook page . . .

Posted on Πέμπτη 16 Ιανουάριος 2020 15:11:58 UTC by hkmoths hkmoths


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