Day 2 in the Books

Wow! As of this morning we've got 3106 observations of 625 species submitted by 212 different people. Amazing job folks.

Our top observed species have swapped out to all native flora--mayapple, bloodroot, bluebells, spring beauties--and then Siberian squill, mallard, white trout lily, cutleaf toothwort. View more stats here.

Here are all the events planned today, Sunday, April 29th. Join in:

7:30AM: Columbus Park Bioblitz, Birds (Illinois, Cook County, Central)
8AM: Bioblitz of Sand Ridge and Burnham Greenway (Illinois, Cook County, Southeast)
9AM: Bioblitz Harms Woods (Illinois, Cook County, North)
9:30AM: Columbus Park Bioblitz, Plants-Soil Life-Mushrooms-Insects (Illinois, Cook County, Central)
10AM: Spring Flora Hike at Camp Shaw-Waw-Nas-See (Illinois, Kankakee County)
12PM: City Nature Challenge Perry Farm (Illinois, Kankakee County)
1PM: Columbus Park Bioblitz, Trees (Illinois, Cook County, Central)
1PM: Columbus Park Bioblitz, Aquatic Life (Illinois, Cook County, Central)
1PM: Scavenger Hunt at Gibson Woods (Indiana, Lake County)
4PM: Night Hike at Bob Mann Woods/Salt Creek Nature Preserve (Illinois, Cook County, Central/Southwest)

And Tuesday we are having an Identification Night in Chicago. More info on all these events here:

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