We are almost there

Sorry I have been away, but can we make 29k before the end of the month? I will send out a update later on how we are doing overall and comparing to other projects from the previous years. Thank you so much for all your photos you all have posted.

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I am just working towards getting to 7,000 observations by the end of the month. Adding new speceis is getting more difficult as I rarely get to venture beyound my usual stomping grounds.

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Yeah my stuff has been at work or on little escapades like tonight when I went with my mom to the brookwood library and saw the great horned owl, for the third year running

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Is it normal for bird feeder activity to go significantly down in July? This is my first summer birding, so not sure if it is expected. I went from daily refills of feeders in May/June to once total in July. observation counts are drastically less. I hope it is coincidental and not an impact of the major heat dome in late June.

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@carriechelle i think it’s mostly normal, but heat has a factor as well. Do you have a bird bath out? Or some type of contain they can drink and bathe in.

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