Claremont Hills Wilderness Park boundary now defined by "official unofficial" KML file

We are very pleased to announce that the City of Claremont has kindly provided a KML file of the Wilderness Park boundary, and we have replaced the previous hand-drawn boundary of the associated Place ( with the KML file. The Place now includes the official Wilderness Park boundary, as well as some additional parcels donated to Claremont that are planned to be added to the Park in future. Some of these parcels are outside the City limit and need to be annexed to the City before the map is truly "official". So this is really the "official unofficial" boundary. :-)

The Place map does not currently include Evey Canyon, which has also been donated to the City with the plan that it would be added to the Wilderness Park at some point in the future. We will update the Place map when Evey Canyon is added to the City map. In the meantime, we will see if we can obtain a KML file and create a separate place for Evey Canyon.

Posted on Νοέμβριος 17, 2021 0847 ΜΜ by nvhamlett nvhamlett


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