Ben Machado

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I'm a naturalist aide for City of Miami Parks and Recreation. I'm also an ecology educator for the non-profit, Citizens For A Better South Florida. I'm really into studying the dynamics of invasive species introduction and dispersal, probably because I live in the most invasive-dense region on the planet (so I've heard). My favorite subjects right now are introduced geckos and introduced millipedes. Not sure why. Lol. It just happened.

When I go somewhere new, I try to find animals and plants there that I haven't seen before and I've always got my eye out for something interesting. In Florida, that's a little easier than elsewhere. I still find new things all the time. I'm interested in learning about almost any life-form, but my expertise is in lizards. I'm trying to dive headfirst into understanding local plant ecology, which I've been hard at work at for over 4 years now. I learn a little bit more every day.

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