Butterfly migration, post-monsoon 2019

Here are some observations of Emigrant butterfly migration that I made this season:

23 Oct: Canara Bank Layout, Lemon Emigrants, N-to-S.
20 Oct: Arsikere, Lemon Emigrants, NE-to-SW
28 Oct: near Kolar, Lemon Emigrants, NE-SW movement (Photo and Video)
1 Nov: Canara Bank Layout, Lemon Emigrants, North-South movement (Have video)
3 Nov; Bellary rd, Decathlon. Lemon Emigrants, Have Video. North-south movement. Some "blue" tigers too

This is a placeholder for a longer journal entry. Need to add in photos and video.

Posted on Τρίτη 19 Νοέμβριος 2019 05:05:23 UTC by suhelq suhelq


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