Analysis of Consortium of California Herbaria (CCH) Records of Lewisia leeana in Fresno County, CA, Revisited

On 8 August 2014, I posted an analysis of Lewisia leeana observations in Fresno County found in the CCH database.1 At that time, 20 observations were in the database. On 26 October 2017, 25 observations were listed.2 Three of the five new observations were duplicates of earlier observations. The other two were newly listed. The older was by F. D. Klyver on July 17, 1926, on Potato Hill which is today's Black Mountain. Potato Hill/Black Mountain is in the Dinkey Lakes area. The younger observation was by S. M. Kaune on 28 July 1962 and was “Near 1st Dinkey Lk, ca. .5-1 mi. S.E. of Dinkey Lk.”
Under the Comments column, location changes were added for three of the observations since 2014. For JEPS17289, the location made by A. J. Perkins in 1920, was changed from the middle of Shaver Lake to the Dinkey Road directly south of Bald Mountain. The location for observation SBBG47692 by E. R. Blakley in 1971, was changed to match its duplicate, UC1541198. The location for observation UC64167 made by Hall and Chandler in 1900, was changed from a subdivision near Alder Spring to a west facing slope on the 9,000 foot contour west of Eastern Brook Lake.
In summary, three new duplicates and two new observations have been added. Both new observations are in the Dinkey Lakes area. Of the three locations that have been changed - the older two appear to be guesses.


Posted on Ιανουάριος 10, 2018 0405 ΠΜ by sekihiker sekihiker


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