Scepter Lake 2-3 August 2017

I planned a five day trip to the Blackcap Basin which was aborted due to mosquito density. My destination for the day was Scepter Lake via Chuck Pass. I went cross country from the Little Rancheria/Woodchuck divide and passed through prime Lewisia leeana country to Chuck Pass. At the pass, I contoured around the ridge to the north, finding no L. leeana and eventually being turned down slope by massive talus piles. Eventually, I found my way back to the trail and hiked on to Scepter Lake. Heeding the advice of a couple of hikers I had met west of the Duck Lake turnoff that morning, I set up my tent. They suggested I pitch my tent to avoid being drenched by afternoon showers. Almost as soon as my tent was up I was in it and protected from a massive deluge which lasted a couple of hours. Mosquitoes were out as soon as the rain stopped and I wondered if I would be able to continue on.

The next morning, the mosquitoes continued to plague me and I decided to return home. My modified route took me past Crown Lake to Crown Pass and to the summit of the ridge east of Woodchuck Lake. I made numerous observations of L. leeana on the ridge and on my way back to trail. Showers and mosquitoes convinced be to get home as soon as I could. Even though I was turned back by rain and mosquitoes, I made 41 observations of L. leeana and two species new to me, shaggy lupine and giant red Indian paintbrush. See:

Posted on Οκτώβριος 28, 2017 0255 ΠΜ by sekihiker sekihiker


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