Two White Aster Species to watch out for. Very similar

Symphyotrichum falcatum (White Prairie Aster) Saskatchewan Wildflowers.
White Heath Aster Symphyotrichum ericoides (Many-Flowered Aster)
These grow in the same habitats.

Glen Lee from SK Wildflowers also says this...."Similar species: This plant is quite similar to Symphyotrichum ericoides, furthermore, they share the same habitat and flower at the same time. To distinguish between the two:

  • The flower head of S. ericoides is 10-15 mm across, the flower head of S. falcatum is 20-25 mm across (Budd's Flora).
  • The inflorescence of S. ericoides is usually secund, the inflorescence of S. falcatum is not secund (Budd's Flora).
  • The inflorescence of S. ericoides is paniculate (Taxonomic Reminder for Recognizing Saskatchewan Plants), flower heads numerous (Budd's Flora), the flower heads of S. falcatum are solitary or few at the ends of branches (Budd's Flora). "

Secund means Arranged on one side only, as flowers or leaves on a stalk.
Panicle means A panicle is a much-branched inflorescence with the flowers (and fruit) be pedicellate (having a single stem per flower).

Symphyotrichums are very similar and have presented botanists with difficulties in separating them, naming them, and determining their range.

Many-flowered Aster Symphyotrichum ericoides (L.) Nesom

Symphyotrichum ericoides White Heath Aster Astereae Lab says "The inflorescence tends to be more compact and densely branched than in the usually larger to much large headed S. falcatum. "

Symphyotrichum falcatum Western Heath Aster, White Prairie Aster Astereae Lab says "The species is distinguished from S. ericoides by it generally more open fewer headed inflorescence with larger heads with more florets"

Thanks to Eric Lamb for noticing, and pointing out the differences! A White Prairie Aster can be determined based on more than 20 rays per head.

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