Birding in Costa Rica 2014

My wife and I joined a small group of birders for a 12 day trip to Costa Rica in January, 2014. Being new to iNaturalist, I hope this entry is appropriate, although a little dated. We were guided by an expert Costa Rican birder, Noel Urena of "Tropical Feathers", ( , who was one of those magical birders who could id virtually every bird in the forest by call as well as sight. We spent a number of days near the Savegre River, in tropical cloud forest, the La Selva Biological Station in the Caribbean Lowlands, the Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge on the NW portion of the Caribbean slope, and at the the Celeste Mountain Lodge in the area of the Tenorio Volcano, as well as in and around the San Jose area.
I plan on adding my observations, with photos when possible over time.
Costa Rica is probably one of the world's premier destination for nature lovers. For such a small country, it is home to an amazing number of species of flora and fauna. The country is stunning also in its' natural and varied beauty.

Posted on Φεβρουάριος 12, 2015 1036 ΜΜ by rkharwood rkharwood


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