Raskin Lab Gall Metabolite Study

Gallformers has undertaken another new collaboration with a university lab seeking specimens of galls from around the continent. This time, the focus is the chemical composition of oak gall tissues. If you're interested in participating, here's some additional information. The short version is here:

  1. Collect at least 5 grams of tissue of any fresh oak gall (especially interested in
  2. Dryocosmus quercuspalustris on Q rubra
  3. Amphibolips quercusostensackenii on Q rubra
  4. Andricus quercuspetiolicola on Q alba or bicolor
    but willing to accept any fresh gall tissue)

  5. Label the collection info (either the iNat code or date, host species, lat/long)
  6. Store specimens in organza bags wrapped in paper towel, gauze, or cheesecloth in a paper bag in the fridge
  7. Email a photo of the collections and collection info to the Raskin lab at rutgers.galls@gmail.com
  8. Receive confirmation and the address and FedEx shipping code from the Raskin lab
  9. Send the specimens from any FedEx location

The complete information they provided is here:

The Raskin lab at Rutgers University is seeking Quercus gall samples and their surrounding leaf/twig tissues for an ongoing project assessing the bioactivity and metabolomic profiles of Quercus galls within the US. Past research efforts by the Raskin lab have led to important contributions in the treatment of metabolic diseases and the understanding of plant secondary metabolites and their health-promoting benefits. The current gall project in the Raskin lab focuses on identifying the antimicrobial properties and antidiabetic potential of Quercus galls as well as the compounds responsible for this bioactivity. If you are interested in providing samples for this project, please complete the following form: RUGalls_Submission_Form. This project requires at least 5 grams of each tissue. All shipping costs will be covered. A FedEx number will be provided once they receive and review your submission. The Raskin lab asks that samples be stored in organza bags or wrapped with paper towels, gauze, or cheesecloth in a paper bag in the fridge until shipping. The Raskin lab will accept any Quercus gall material but is particularly interested in acquiring the following galls: Dryocosmus quercuspalustris, Quercus alba & Andricus quercuspetiolicola, Quercus bicolor & Andricus quercuspetiolicola, Quercus rubra & Amphibolips quercusostensackenii. They send their gratitude in advance to any individuals willing to send collections for this project.

Posted on Μάιος 08, 2024 0217 ΠΜ by megachile megachile


would they be interested in Dryocosmus quercuspalustris from Q falcata? i can probably get a fair amount of that (would i leave the leaf whole?) about how many galls would be 5g?

Αναρτήθηκε από supertiger 29 ημέρες πριν

Yes that would be great. I'm not sure how much 5 grams is either; better to send more than too little.

Αναρτήθηκε από megachile 29 ημέρες πριν

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