Mecopteran species documented to exhibit various behaviors (WIP)


Panorpid wing flashing behaviors:

Panorpa debilis (
Panorpa japonica (
Panorpa nebulosa (personal observation)
Panorpa nuptialis ( (Also likely mentioned in but I don't have access to the article)
Panorpa lugubris (personal observation)
Panorpa helena (?) (Potentially in but again, no access)

Panorpid deviation from wing flashing behaviors:

Panorpid jumping behaviors:
Panorpa communis (
Panorpa lugubris (personal observation)
Panorpa sp. (NC) ( - 7:44)

Kleptoparasitism of webbed spiders:
Panorpa banksi (
Panorpa claripennis (
Panorpa debilis (
Panorpa helena (
Panorpa latipennis (
Panorpa maculosa (
Panorpa mirabilis (
Panorpa nebulosa (
Panorpa submaculosa (


Bittacid female-mimicking behaviors:
Hylobittacis apicalis (

Cave frequenting behaviors:
Bittacus chilensis (

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Hi Ahn, here's that Panorpa nuptialis article! Sci-hub is a very useful website :)

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thanks! I always forget to check Sci-hub 😅

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