Key to the Bacchini and Melanostomini of the Philippines, Wallacea, Australasia and Oceania

For me the origins of this little escapade can be traced back to the time I was involved with implementing the taxonomy of Platycheirus on iNat a while ago and discovered the intriguing New Zealand subgenus-raised-to-genus Eocheilosia. I learned a little more about the genus some time later through a series of conversations with @steve_kerr to whom I am grateful for showing me descriptions of the species I hadn't yet found. I realised that there weren't too many other Bacchines or Melanostomines in the wider region and thought it could be expanded a bit. So here we are.

I have produced a separate key for the Eocheilosia not only because it is by far the largest genus in the region, but also because the difficulties of that genus are so particularly acute. Be sure to read the introductory slides. I should say that that particular key must be taken with a whole mouthful of salt!! I think of it more as a way of beginning to feel around the genus - any ID should be checked with the original descriptions which are almost all linked to in the Powerpoint (bearing in mind that in Eocheilosia there are as many known undescribed species as there are described species!!)

Species included:

Baccha maculata
Eocheilosia antipoda, captalis, clarkei, cunninghami, fulvipes, harrisi, howesii, huttoni, leptospermi, lignudus, myersii, notata, ronana
Platycheirus albimanus, stegnus

Melanostoma apicale, atrum, fasciatum, fumivenosum, polynesiotes, univittatum
Xanthandrus agrolas, bergmani, bicinctus, orientalis

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Αναρτήθηκε από matthewvosper περίπου 1 χρόνος πριν

Very nice !! Do you happen to have this as a WORD document ? (please email if you don't mind sharing)

Αναρτήθηκε από steve_kerr περίπου 1 χρόνος πριν

@steve_kerr the Eocheilosia bit is only slightly rearranged from the one I sent you a while back (I moved lignudus to key out earlier). The other one I do not have in word, but it wouldn't be too much of a challenge to change that :)

Αναρτήθηκε από matthewvosper περίπου 1 χρόνος πριν

Ahhhh ... so it is. I'll go with the one you sent.

Αναρτήθηκε από steve_kerr περίπου 1 χρόνος πριν

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